This website is the key to your preparation for "Norskprøven" Level B1-B2.

Our team at believes that the best way to prepare for an exam is by trying as many assignments as possible. Here you will find 968 assignments that will prepare you for the "Norskprøven" Level B1-B2. The exercises are tailored and quality checked with the support of teachers from Norway and people with master background.

This site will give you a detailed understanding of what to expect at the "Norskprøven" through 968 assignments in reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary and writing. Here you can also find practical tips and tricks for the exam. Try our demo exercises here. 

To find out more about the structure of the exam, read the section What is "Norskprøven"?.

* Please note that it is Kompetanse Norge that organizes and carries out "Norskprøven". offers a training course through assignments and is independent from Kompetanse Norge. All tips and advice is based on experience from past students that have taken "Norskprøven".


Norways biggest database of practice assignments for anyone studying for "Norskprøven"
Listening comprehension and Interviews with native Norwegians
Iphonex norskprøve
Practical tips and tricks to pass the exam
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"Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good." - Malcolm Gladwell

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30 days

6 Reading comprehension and 60 grammar exercises

50 Listening exercises and 2 interviews with Norwegians

4 topics for writing skills practice

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15 Reading comprehension and 150 grammar exercises

125 Listening exercises and 5 interviews with Norwegians

10 topics for writing skills practice

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Access to the whole exercise database for 60 days

Extra time to exercise and test your knowledge in Norwegian in 5 different question types

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Check written skills!

Get personal feedback and find your strengths and weaknesses regarding your written skills

Feedback on grammar, structure, flow and spelling

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