What is the structure of Norskrpøven?

What is the structure of the written part of Norskprøven?


The written Norskprøven B1–B2 contains three parts:

  • reading which lasts 75 minutes
  • listening which takes 30–60 minutes
  • writing which lasts 90 minutes for levels A1–A2 and A2–B1 and 120 minutes for levels B1–B2.

Reading comprehension includes five different types of reading tasks at level B1–B2:

  • Flytt avsnitt: Here you have to put the paragraphs in the correct order so that the text fits together. The text starts with the paragraph that is at the top, and therefore cannot be moved.
  • Flervalgsoppgaver – lang og kort: You have to read a text and choose the correct answer from four alternatives.
  • Lukeoppgave: In this task there is a text with "holes" where a word or expression is missing. You must choose the correct answer from four options.
  • Klikk ord (Hvilken person): You have to read five different texts connected to five different people and answer five questions about which person do they concern.
  • Klikk på synonym: Here you get a word or expression, and you have to find the word or expression in given text that has the same meaning. The sentence should be correct and the meaning should be the same.

Listening comprehension includes three different types of reading tasks at level B1–B2. You also get tasks in the pre-tests at level A1 and A2.

  • Flervalgsoppgave – to avspillinger: The audio recording is played twice, and you have to choose the correct answer from the alternatives.
  • Flervalgsoppgave – én avspilling: The audio recording is played only once, and you can choose the correct answer from the alternatives.
  • Lukeoppgave: You will hear four different people talking about a topic, and have to answer two questions for each person. The questions are "Who is the person?" and "What does the person express?", and there are answer options.

The written part contains two tasks:

  • Uttrykke egne meninger: You must write an e-mail about a given topic. The recommended length of the text is at least 80 words or more.
  • Argumentere: You can choose between two topics and should write around 250-350 words. When working on this task, it is important that you start the text by presenting the topic. Then you should discuss for and against the topic. Finish off the writing assignment by justifying your opinion.


What is the structure of the oral Norskprøven?

Hvordan er den muntlige delen av Norskprøven bygd opp?

The oral part of the Norskprøven B1–B2 contains three tasks:

  • Uttrykke synspunkter/meninger: Here you have to speak alone about a given subject.
  • Utveksle synspunkter/meninger: In this task you have to talk to another candidate about a topic.
  • Argumentere: In this assignement a claim is given which the candidate must talk about alone by expressing his viewpoint and justifying it.


The primary aim of Norskprøven.com is to help you prepare for the written part (reading, listening and writing).

Norskprøven.com is only for those who want to take a higher level, i.e. B1–B2, and the tasks are at level B2. This will be experienced as more difficult than the exam itself, where the pre-tests are at level A1 and A2 (the listening test) and some of the tasks are at level B1.

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