Format and structure of the Norskprøven. What is the Norskprøven

Norskprøven stems from the cooperation between “Norsk Språktest” and “Studieforbundet Folkeuniversitetet” and the University of Bergen. Until 2014 there were three different tests in Norwegian: The Bergenstest(see www.bergenstest.com for more information), Norskprøve 2 and Norskprøve 3.

The actual “Norskprøven” was introduced in 2014 and replaced “Norskprøve” 2 and “Norskprøve” 3.

The main purpose of “Norskprøven” is to give anyone that has learned Norwegian, the appropriate documentation that their skills in Norwegian are suitable to the requirements for education and jobs in Norway.

Norskprøven is the national test in Norwegian and is held twice a year in the whole of Norway. “Kompetanse Norge” is responsible for the development of the test.

There are two different tests, oral and written test. There are different levels of “Norskprøven” according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). The levels are as follows: A1-A2-B1-B2. The Bergenstest is level B2-C1. Level A1 is equal to the old “Norskprøve 1” and level A2 is according to the old “Norskprøve 2”. Level B1 is equal to Norskprøve 3. Level B2 gives you the opportunity to apply for higher education in Norway.

Norskproven.com is intended for everyone taking “Norskprøven” level B1-B2.

When you apply to take the test, you can choose between the different levels. You can choose between levels A1-A2, level A2-B1, or B1-B2.

The written Norskprøven has three parts. The listening test(25-50 minutes), a reading test (75 minutes), and a written test(90 minutes for A1-A2 and 120 minutes for levels B1-B2). The listening exercise is adaptive and adapts to your level. The number of assignments depends on how many correct answers you get. If you answer correctly, the longer the test and the more difficult it will get. The listening exercises at www.norskproven.com have a level of B2-C1.

The oral part of Norskprøven is divided into the conversation part and the individual part. You have to choose between levels A1-A2, level A2-B1, or level B1-B2 when you sign up. The duration is between 20 to 30 minutes.

Did you know that if you take Norskprøven level B2 written exam in May/June and get your certificate, you can still send the certificate to “Samordna Opptak” by giving your candidate number. That means you can still apply for higher education and then take Norskprøven in May/June. If you pass, this is a valid proof, and you are qualified from a language point of view for the studies.

Norskproven.com has the goal of helping most amounts of people pass the written part of “Norskprøven”.

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