Questions and answers about Norskprøven

Her finner du Spørsmål og Svar angående Norskprøven.

The most common questions regarding Norskprøven

1. What is the Norskprøven?

Norskprøven is for those who want proof of their Norwegian language level, and consists of four parts: listening test, reading test, writing test and oral test. Click here for more information.

2. What does the Norskprøven test?

It tests how good you are at the Norwegian language.

3. Which topics can be encountered in Norskprøven?

This could be for example, education, housing, health, finance, work, society and environment. Note that the test only tests the language and not your knowledge.

4. Are there any aids that can be used during the Norskprøven?

You cannot use aids during the test.

5. When does the written Norskprøven take place?

Norskprøven A1–A2–B1–B2 takes place four times a year: spring (March), summer (May/June), autumn (September) and winter (December).

Norskprøven C1 takes place two times a year: summer and winter.

6. How much does it cost to take Norskprøven?

It depends on the individual municipality. The price varies from NOK 300 to 2200. 

7. When do you get the exact date for the Norskprøven after you have registered for the test? 

Two weeks before taking the test.

8. Where does the Norskprøven take place?

In the individual municipality.

9. Is it possible to take Norskprøven abroad?

No, it is only possible to take the Norskprøven in Norway. If you do not belong to a municipality, or if you live abroad, it is possible to register via Trondheim Voksenopplæring and Voksenopplæringen for Øvre Eiker.

10. What kind of levels are there in Norskprøven?

Norskprøven has the following levels: A1–A2, A2–B1, B1–B2, C1. The levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

11. What is the oral part of the Norskprøven?

The oral test consists of two parts, a conversation part and an individual part. When you sign up, you can choose between level A1–A2, level A2–B1 or level B1–B2. The result of the test may be higher or lower than the level you signed up for.

12. Where can I find example tests for Statsborgerprøven?

You can practice with example tests at, which offers 12 sample tests to provide you with the preparation you need to pass the Citizenship Test.


Updated: 24/01/2023