Listening Comprehension

The purpose of the listening comprehension excercise is to measure the candidate's ability to understand short conversations from everyday life and messages from the TV, radio, etc.

There are 25 recorded conversations and messages from daily life which have normal speech tempo and are played only once. After hearing the conversation or message, the candidate should respond by choosing one of the three suggested answer options. Only one answer is correct and if the candidate has chosen two, no points are given.

The exercise takes place in the following way: Detailed information is at the top of the page. The task will start automatically after you have clicked on the link and the candidate must press the recording to hear it (this is done by the exam supervisor during the Bergenstest). The candidate chooses the correct answer option after every conversation.

Note that messages can be played from a loudspeaker on the exam day and not headphones which is something you can do here. This may make it more difficult if you are accustomed to using headphones, so we encourage you to hear the messages over a loudspeaker.


The message is played only once

When one listens to the task, it is important to click on the answer you think it is right since you only get to hear the conversation or message once.

If there are modifications or two options are selected, it is very likely that you do not get any points for the task.

Listening Comprehension