Grammar, Vocabulary and Idiomatic Expressions

This part tests the candidate knowledge within grammar, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. In addition, it tests the candidate’s ability to write correct Norwegian.

The assignment has 30 tasks. Each task has two sentences, sentence A and statement B. The first statement (statement A) is complete, but the second statement (statement B) is incomplete. The candidate must fill in the blanks in sentence B to make it complete and with about the same meaning as sentence A.

The exercise takes place as follows: At the beginning of the task, there are detailed instructions. The candidate fills in the missing inormation in sentence B.

Allocated time for the task is 30 minutes.

Once the candidate is ready, the answers can be compared against the key. Some tasks have several possible answers, but only one answer should be given for each question. If the candidate provides more than one answers during the exam, only the first answer will be considered. The answer must be correct also in relation to spelling.


Sentence A and sentence B
It is important that the sentence B have the same meanings as sentence A.
Draft sheets and an answer sheet
It is important to consider verb tenses, pronouns, etc. so that sentence B is correct in relation to sentence A.
Focus on spelling.